Roger Federer recalls when his father got angry at him


Roger Federer recalls when his father got angry at him

In an interview, Roger Federer recalled when his father Robert really got angry at him for his on-court behaviour. They were hitting together in Switzerland when the tennis champion was more than a kid, and Robert took a strong decision.

"I was very lucky that I had wonderful parents and still have, they have been unbelievably supportive", admitted Federer. "Playing with my dad, he would not allow me to do the moonballs, hit super high that they would bounce high because old school everybody used to use the continental grip and play slice and I used to challenge him.

He would get upset that I would not listen and then eventually got so fed up that he said, Look, if you want to continue, If I continue being this way I am leaving. He said, Ok I am leaving, I will see you at home. He put five Swiss Franc on the bench, I waited for half an hour, he never came back.

I went into the restaurant, he was not there, I went into the parking lot, the car was gone. I was like, He really left me. I must be like 10 or 12, I was young. Then I walked to the tram station, took the tram, the bus and it took me like an hour to come back home.

I was tired, it was a weird feeling and he said, That's never going to happen again because this attitude is not acceptable, I am sorry. He was very serious so for me it was symbolic to get my act together and try better and harder every single time I go out in the court, and it looks like a Swiss cross as well where I came from so that was a nice story."

Roger Federer