Roger Federer: 2009 French Open and Wimbledon wins were mystical

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Roger Federer: 2009 French Open and Wimbledon wins were mystical

In an interview, recalling his most special Grand Slam titles, Roger Federer commented on how it felt to win French Open and Wimbledon back-to-back in 2009. The Swiss said: "The French Open goes without saying because I chased it for so long so the French Open has to be there but for some reasons I also have to put maybe when I was going for my 15th all-time Grand Slam titles record against Andy Roddick, those two had something mystical about, Borg, Sampras were sitting there ,all my heroes were around the stadium there was so much records all around me and I was sort of a character in the play so for me to get that Cinderella finish was amazing."

Federer also commented on how his apparel style has evolved over the years on and off the court: "I grew up in the times with Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi when they used to use the baggy stuff and basketball, it had a big influence because of the Michael Jordan era and of course I wanted to look the same.

Baggy stuff, I wanted to grow from extra large as quick as possible. For me, it starts with the shoes today. When I am gonna out, I first think of what shoes I want to wear and then I get dressed up rather than thinking about the t-shirt first."

Federer does not plan to continue being on Tour on a consistent basis for many more years to come. The Swiss player was asked by The Wall Street Journal if his four children play tennis. “Yeah, they play a bit. It’s one of my mini-requirements with Mirka.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them to be professional players, but I would like them to play recreationally," said Federer.