Nick Kyrgios: Roger Federer gets tired in tight situations

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Nick Kyrgios: Roger Federer gets tired in tight situations

In an interview with Daily Mail, Nick Kyrgios commented on the weaknesses of the Big Three. The Australian has beaten them all: Rafael Nadal at this year's Acapulco and 2014 Wimbledon, Roger Federer at the 2015 Madrid Open and Novak Djokovic in 2017 Acapulco and Indian Wells.

"Obviously, Federer is unbelievably talented and the greatest of all time, but he gets tired in tight situations," said Kyrgios. "Djokovic struggles with short balls, he doesn't like to come forward. (The) second serve can get a bit shaky.

Rafa loves to be defensive so you can really push through his forehand and expose how far back he stands. So they do have weaknesses and if you play the right way and execute it right under pressure then they can be beaten."

Kyrgios also commented on the right tactics to prevail over the best guys: "You just have to play the right way and for the stars to align. Of course, they are a level above all of us, but they are definitely beatable, I don't think like they are Gods to the sport."

In the future, Kyrgios sees himself as a tennis analyst and commentator, maybe on Tennis Channel: "I could see myself maybe joining you one day guys, my knowledge about the game is very high. I coach myself so I feel like technically good, I know where opponents' weaknesses are and how they are off the floor and it's a different insight. I spend time with these people in the locker room," he concluded.