Roger Federer: Laver Cup and Davis Cup are totally separate

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Roger Federer: Laver Cup and Davis Cup are totally separate

Roger Federer believes that the Laver Cup is not similar to the Davis Cup at all. The recent change in the Davis Cup format ushered in by soccer player Gerard Pique's company Kosmos has added to the buzz about the topic.

"It's totally separate," Federer said commenting on the differences between the two tournaments in one of his press conferences. "This one is condensed to three very intense days and then that's it for a year; whereas Davis Cup sort of rolls through the year four times.

I really don't like the comparison between the two, because they are very different. This is a very unique event. It's new. We're holding it for the first time; whereas Davis Cup has a very rich history behind it. Both work very well.

Both seem very exciting. I mean, Davis Cup has been, and I hope this one also in hopefully a long, long time from now, will be very special for the players to always wanting to play and always wanting to represent their country, and respectfully, their continent if you like."

Rafael Nadal, who will play the Laver Cup again this year with Federer, added: "Something a little bit similar, no? It's difficult to compare. We don't have experience on the Laver Cup yet, but at the same time, it's exciting.

I tell you one thing, no, when the best players in the world are playing always, it's going to be very exciting, no? The format doesn't matter."