Rafael Nadal is like Roger Federer: nice, humble - Casper Ruud

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Rafael Nadal is like Roger Federer: nice, humble - Casper Ruud

In an interview to ATP Tennis Radio, Casper Ruud commented on his experience at the Rafa Nadal Academy. The Norwegian moved there last year in August and he felt comfortable since the beginning. It's just a great place, I am learning from one of the best players, I train with him sometimes and he tries to teach me somethings as well when we are on court and he is just so nice, an unbelievable guy, really down to earth and he is really humble.

That's what makes him a great champion, this is one of the reasons why Roger Federer and Rafa have been around for so long." Ruud furthermore praised the Academy adding: "It's big, a really big gym. There is a school there, around 100 kids play tennis full time and go to school.

We are some young guys going to train there and I do not think they want to have 20 professional guys. They want to have up and coming guys and there will probably be a couple more in the next few years. You really feel like you are on an island, it's nice, really easy and comfortable to be there.

People are calm, they do not get crazy with having Rafa there. That's also why he likes it. I do not think he gets it on Tour and in all the cities he goes. I really really enjoy it, I brought my family there and we are living there now.

It's really nice." Ruud finally praised the new Miami Open venue: "The stadium has always been here but the whole new building with so many courts is amazing. I positively got surprised when I first got here, this whole area with the players' lounge and restaurant is great."