Roger Federer: I watched some videos to prepare for match against Albot

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Roger Federer: I watched some videos to prepare for match against Albot

In some ways, Roger Federer was not surprised with Radu Albot's performance against him. Albot played a consistent and solid match against the Swiss, who ended up prevailing in three sets, 4-6, 7-5, 6-3. In his post-match press conference, Federer commented on what his thoughts were prior to the match: "I expected a player with a great attitude, which he showed.

Aggressive baseliner, moves well. He's not afraid to come to the net. The problem is I've never practiced with him. I've never really seen him play live matches. I watched some on a video to get an idea. I see where he can cause problems.

The difficulty was, like, I didn't quite know where does he like to go exactly when it really matters the most. That's just so tricky, when you don't exactly know what his favorite shot is, is he going to play differently against you because it's you, because I don't have a double-handed backhand, maybe I have a different type of forehand on the run than others, I don't know.

He plays it differently. Yeah, so I thought it was hard. I was impressed. I have a lot of respect for those types of players who don't have the size, have to find a different way to win. He's a great, great player. I was impressed."

Which players does Federer have a playing style as his? "I never really go there, to be quite honest, yeah. Of course, one-handed backhands lend itself well for that. But geez, you know, not really."