Roger Federer explains performance against Radu Albot

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Roger Federer explains performance against Radu Albot

In his post-match press conference at the Miami Open, Roger Federer deeply analyzed his three-set win over Radu Albot. The Swiss player prevailed 4-6, 7-5, 6-3 in what was his 12th match in the last four weeks. "I felt like I was in two minds, how you play sometimes in a first round," said Federer.

"You're looking to take on the ball, but then sometimes you also know you just cannot go big all the time. You also have to hold back." He also said, "Sometimes you feel like it happens always at the wrong times.

You pull the trigger at the wrong times. You're going safe at the wrong times. That has something to do with how I thought he played his game. He seemed very clear to me, and I wasn't. In the heat of the moment, I started forgetting stuff also that my coach told me.

I felt like all the important points, points that could have led to something interesting for me, I played poorly because I was in two minds. Margins are slim. Then you're down. When you're down, you got to play differently.

(In) the end, it's just about finding a way. These are the matches that are so key during the year for any player, is when you're not sometimes playing your best, when you're in search mode, that you find it somehow, you squeeze through, play better than the next round.

It's a different opponent, different conditions, different everything. Now you can look back and think maybe having played as much as I did in the first round actually maybe helped me. I thought actually how I protected my serve, after getting broken in the first game, was actually very good.

There's definitely really some good elements there in the game, but I did struggle obviously. I'm very, very happy that I found a way."