Radu Albot: Roger Federer is human, he has strengths and weaknesses

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Radu Albot: Roger Federer is human, he has strengths and weaknesses

Radu Albot came closer to defeating Roger Federer in their first career meeting. In the end, the Swiss won against the 29-year-old prevailing, 4-6, 7-5, 6-3. After the match, as quoted by ATP, Albot said: “It was different, playing against a superstar.

It’s different to play and to feel that everybody is cheering for him. It’s different to play with one of the best players of all-time, and to feel his shots and his capability to play against me, to feel it myself.

Of course I went on the court absolutely willing and sure that I could win that match. But the experience is pretty interesting. You play all your life and all the tournaments to be here and to compete against the best. When you finally have a chance to play against the best, I think it’s a good achievement and something I finally accomplished in my career”.

Albot definitely expected a tough match but he still managed to cope with Federer's aura and crowd support for the majority of the match. “I’ve never practiced with him, and there were a couple of shots that I didn’t expect, or another player would play differently.

But I have to say he handles the ball very well. He can maneuver it like everywhere and create angles, create height, create sidespin. Now that I competed against him for more than two hours, I felt on my skin all he can do, in a way”.

He was not impressed by Federer's personality: "There is nothing to process and to look at because on the other side is also a human. He has strengths and weaknesses and if you play the right way, you can win. So there’s nothing to be afraid of because if you’re afraid and you’re scared, that means you have no chance right away”.