It was just a dream: Belinda Bencic recalls Hopman Cup with Roger Federer


It was just a dream: Belinda Bencic recalls Hopman Cup with Roger Federer

In an interview to Tages Anzeiger, Belinda Bencic recalled her 2019 Hopman Cup triumph with Roger Federer. "It was just a dream. The week in Perth was an amazing one. We spent a lot of time together, even practicing together," said Bencic, who continued her season on a great note by triumphing in Dubai and reaching the Indian Wells semifinals.

They say you can learn a lot from him. How? "Telling me how it was for him as a 21-year-old. I am very emotional on the court and he explained to me that it was the same for him and how he relaxed. How he became a champion and planned his career until the last detail." Does she want to hide her emotions now? "I do not want to hide them.

I want to stay the way I am and emotions sometimes help you getting excited and making you play better. But I am working to keep myself as fresh as possible." Federer is a master in scheduling his season. Does he help you with it too? "It's unbelievable to see how he does it all.

In the future, I will try to play not too much and not too less. You cannot burn out. In 2015, I did not have this balance yet, but at the time I was also lacking the confidence I needed. I always wanted to keep playing and I did not think about the consequences. I will try to fix my schedule and eventually take some breaks," concluded Bencic who will play in Lugano next.

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