Roger Federer on the biggest sacrifice he did to become tennis player

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Roger Federer on the biggest sacrifice he did to become tennis player

In a press conference at the Miami Open, Roger Federer was asked what he sacrificed in order to become a tennis player. The Swiss replied: "School, to some extent. I stopped at 16. I would have continued, I guess if I wasn't a tennis player.

I mean, I guess friendships, the ones you make from 16 to 20 in that time. So my friends come from other places and from other walks of life. But the sacrifices were worth it, and I would do it maybe not exactly all over again, but I was happy I chose the road I chose and I was allowed to by my parents." Federer was also asked about when he decides to peak during a match "I'm not sure how much it is peaking, to be honest.

I think it's about maintaining maybe also a certain level because things happen very quickly. This is not best-of-five-set tennis. It's best-of-three (sets). You can have a bad few minutes at the beginning of the game (as) I had against Albot, or you can have it, I don't know, maybe for Krajinovic today, bad end of the set, bad start to the next set, and that is it.

So I think it's more of a mental thing, you know, where you have maybe a point is more important than every single point at a slam. Yeah, it just maybe increases the pressure to some extent because you know you can't, after a long rally or a lot of long rallies, you think the other guy is going to fade physically, and usually, they don't, because the matches are not long enough.

So it's a different approach, as I think it's really about just really being able to maintain a really high level of play. And if you can go to the next gear sometimes, great. But I don't expect it. I just guess everybody starts to feel better as you go deeper into the tournament because everybody is getting used to the conditions."

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