Roger Federer: I am excited to be playing on clay again

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Roger Federer: I am excited to be playing on clay again

In an interview to Tennis Channel at the Miami Open, Roger Federer recalled the moment when he decided with his team to play on clay this year. The Swiss player announced his decision in January after his Australian Open fourth-round loss to Stefanos Tsitsipas.

"That's why I am playing, otherwise I would not be doing it anymore. It was a very interesting conversation I had with the team. I asked them ‘what do you think about the clay? Should I or Shouldn’t I do it?’ and they were like ‘If you’re happy to play tennis, that’s a good thing because at your age it could be I don’t want to play clay or tennis," said Federer.

“Missing out on two full clay seasons and three French Open is not something I thought I was ever going to do later on in my career. Three years ago I got injured, my knee was still not doing well. Two years ago I was on the clay for a couple of days and then thought, Well, what are you thinking? And the team was like, You should think about it hard and long if you really want to do this.

I am like, Okay, that answers the question that I should not do it. And then last year I really wanted to take a break, I just said, it's nice these two-three months off with the family and being able to train, and for longevity reasons I thought it was a great thing to do.

This year I didn’t want to have three months off and I am excited to play on the clay again. To see if it would help me for Wimbledon and the rest of the season. I use to play on the clay, we will see what happens in the future."