Roger Federer: 'I wish Andy Murray and del Potro the best'

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Roger Federer: 'I wish Andy Murray and del Potro the best'

In press conference at the Miami Open Roger Federer commented on the players who are dealing with injuries: Andy Murray, who is sidelined with a hip surgery, Juan Martin del Potro, who is trying to come back after a knee injury as well as Rafael Nadal.

"What I feel is that I wish them the best, but it's part of the game", said Federer. "I can't play them all. We have so many highlights. There is no substitute for us. If we are not feeling well, we can't play.

So we just have to wait it out. But the good thing about the ATP Tour is you can always come back, because the tour goes from January to November, and you have 15-plus years on the tour. So regardless of their injuries, you know, they will come back, and I hope when they do come back they will be very strong like the last few times.

With Andy in particular now, you know, with the uncertainty about his hip, I just really wish him the very best. With Juan Martin, I think he will find a way back which I'm confident he will. And Rafa is already practicing on the clay.

So that was just disappointing that the match didn't happen in Indian Wells, but, you know, it's definitely a better tour with them, but there is also exciting stories when they're not around fortunately for the tour, unfortunately for them.

But I still think they all will be back this year at some point, hopefully, and the year-end hopefully will be incredibly exciting."