Former coach Stefan Edberg shares secrets about Roger Federer's longevity

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Former coach Stefan Edberg shares secrets about Roger Federer's longevity

In an interview to Sports Wallah, Stefan Edberg commented on the Roger Federer's longevity. What does he do in order to keep competing at the highest level at 37 years of age? The Swede, who worked with the Swiss in 2014 and 2015, said: "Well, I can’t tell you everything!

(laughs). But I would say the top players overall today comparing to my times, they know a lot more about taking care of their bodies. They work with their bodies every day, they exercise. Nutrition is a bigger component of the game today and is so much better than during my time.

They really know the game very well and they understand a lot more about the opponents through technology now. These days, you can get a lot of statistics that is helpful during the course of their schedule. The game has really moved on.

What fascinates me about Roger is that he has kept going and has kept the motivation up. It requires a lot of work to stay at the top of the game and that’s very unique." On Nadal and Federer's great comeback in 2017, Edberg added: "Well, nobody thought this would happen.

Going back one year at the Australian Open 2017, Roger and Rafa were out for six months and that they were playing another Grand Slam final together, was incredible! I couldn’t quite believe what was happening. They are back again, they are playing a great final, best of five sets that goes all the way in one of the really great matches.

That really took tennis interest to a whole new level again. You feel how important those two guys are to the game."