Federer and Djokovic not playing Davis Cup is bad news - Ferrero

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Federer and Djokovic not playing Davis Cup is bad news - Ferrero

In an interview, the former world No. 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero commented on the Davis Cup new format. The 119-year team competition will take place from 18 to 24 November this year in Madrid. "In terms of schedule, it's good because it was very past.

Playing five sets matches all year makes it very tough, many times you do not have a lot of strength in the Davis Cup. And then the recovery is pretty complicated. Then it's something very new, saying things earlier is s mistake.

You have to test it a bit", said Ferrero. Not all the top players will be there, though. Novak Djokovic said he will prioritize the ATP Cup over the Davis Cup, while Switzerland did not reach the final stage. "Important names like Roger Federer and Djokovic usually played the Davis Cup and now they will not go, which will influence in a bad way on the project."

Asked if being a Davis Cup captain is a dream to him, Ferrero replied: "Now you have Miguel Diaz, the Spanish Tennis Federation president. It's up in the air, in a future I do not know when, but I always said that it makes me very passionate and now with the new format it's something different because it's not an entire one-year work but one-week.

We will see, it's something very new so you have to see how the things will be." On Carlos Alcaraz, Ferrero added: "I never saw so much potential for a 15-year-old guy. He surprised me a lot since ever I saw him in 2017, so having the chance to work with him is something that excites me and I think for him it's the same, both of us are very happy.

His team did a great job and I will try to give him some experience. I think if nothing serious happens, his future will be a promising one."