Roger Federer gives everybody hope, says Stefan Edberg

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Roger Federer gives everybody hope, says Stefan Edberg

In an interview to Times Now the six-time Major winner Stefan Edberg praised Roger Federer's success and longevity. The Swede said: "It's quite extraordinary what Roger is doing. He is not very young anymore, he is at the latest stage of his career but it gives everybody hope that you can continue from longer than you think.

In his case it's quite extraordinary in many ways. He has been able to stay healthy, he still got the determination, he still wants to make the improvements , he still wants to go through the challenges and that's very hard to maintain over a long period of time.

In that aspect it's very unique. we will see what will happen with Djokovic and Nadal, I think they can stay in tennis for some more years, the thing in tennis today is that you are not going to peak at 23, 24, you are going to peak at 26, 28, 29, so it's quiet some changes in tennis."

On how different tennis is than other sports, Edberg added: "Sometimes it can be a bit lonely but tennis is a battle between two individuals normally except when you play doubles of course but it's a game that requires a lot of work, it requires to be mentally and physically tough, it's quite demanding as well so it's quite a complex sport and it probably gets more complex as you get older, you can look back in the mirror and tennis is not an easy sport. It takes a lot to be out there, but at the same time that's a great part of it too."