Stefan Edberg: I was mentoring Roger Federer

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Stefan Edberg: I was mentoring Roger Federer

Stefan Edberg recalled his co-operation with Roger Federer. The Swede helped the Swiss get to the top in 2014 after a tough year, in 2013. "I (was) contacted in 2013 and I worked with Roger for two years, in 2014 and '15.

In '13 he was struggling a bit with his game, he was struggling with his back, he was looking for something new and that's when I came in the picture as a mentor coach and he wanted to make some changes, he changed to a bigger racquet, which was a great idea.

We discussed making some adjustments to his game, being a bit more aggressive on the court working a little bit with his court position and playing in a little bit different way, probably it took him to a different level, and that has really paid off over the last couple of years.

Maybe not so much when Djokovic was playing great, Roger had a couple of chances to win a Grand Slam at that time," said Edberg in an interview to Times Now. On his rivalries, Edberg added: "I played Pete Sampras at his best which was quite extraordinary, John McEnroe at his best which was sort of fascinating too."

Federer fought and worked hard to get to the top of the game. In an interview, the Swiss player said: "Reaching for your dreams was always something I tried to do. world no. 1, Grand Slams, whatever it is in life, believe you can achieve the impossible.

2009 was a very special year. I had just won the French Open for the first time, and i was going into Wimbledon trying to break Sampras' record. I make it to the finals. It's just the epic match. Everybody was there. A lot of legends.

Bjorn Borg was sitting there. Rod Laver was there as well and it was just nice to see the love from the tennis family which to me is really important. When I was finally able to lift the trophy again, it was a beautiful feeling."