Roger Federer: I may help junior players in Switzerland

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Roger Federer: I may help junior players in Switzerland

How would Roger Federer like to be remembered once he ends his career? The Swiss player had an interesting answer: "As a good tennis player and as a guy who was able to help the sport and others," said Federer. "I am sure I will have more time for the Foundation and in the continent of Africa which is very close to my heart because of my mum.

I am actually very excited about my life after tennis, not that I want to run into it at all but I still hope that I am in tennis in some shape or form just because it's this great game that has given me all these opportunities and if that's maybe helping juniors, in the future in Switzerland or Whatever that maybe.

I am really excited to see what's going to come my way in 10-15-20 years' time." The 20-time Grand Slam winner also recalled his first career-title ever back in 2001 Milan: "I was not sure I was gonna play in Milan, I decided on the flight back from Melbourne.

I said, 'I would like to play another indoor event alongside Marseille and Rotterdam,' so it was a good choice to go there. I did not play extraordinarily throughout the whole tournament but I had a good match against Yevgeny Kafelnikov and then I wanted to win semifinals and finals as well. It was special." Federer is training in Switzerland, he will play the Mutua Madrid Open next.