Roger Federer: Talent is not enough to make it to the top

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Roger Federer: Talent is not enough to make it to the top

Roger Federer gets often praised for his amazing game, but the Swiss believes multiple factors need to be there in order to achieve the biggest success in tennis. "Talent is not enough to make it to the top, you need a lot of hard work and your team has got to be the right one - the coach, the condition trainer - the parents also, so many things need to be at the right place to make to the top.

Talent, of course, is nice to have," said Federer. Asked if dominating the tour is tougher than the past, Federer replied: "You see there are so many different styles now, Pete never won the French Open, that says a lot, he won Wimbledon and not the French Open so you need to adapt to every surface."

He finally commented on his relationship with grass: "I won the Wimbledon juniors there, I just like the grass, the atmosphere, and everything. I like to play indoors, I won my first title there and my career began indoors, I do not know why.

Because in juniors I was playing outdoors on clay and on hard." Federer recalled his beginnings in tennis. The Swiss player said: "My parents played tennis themselves, just regional in Basel, they were on the tennis court a lot in the weekends and of course they did not leave me at home.

They took me along and I had my racket and my ball and I was hitting against the wall so it was my chose to play tennis. I was playing soccer at the same time. At 12-13, I had to chose what I wanted to do, because I could not do both.

It would have been too much and tennis might be better. I really liked soccer too but I knew in tennis everything was in my hand if I win or lose and in soccer, it was not really that feeling. I was probably having more success in tennis already, I was a national champion and in soccer, I was playing around Basel maybe a few kilometres away, so it was more like a easy choice for me."