Roger Federer's Major titles record is in Rafael Nadal's mind: Analyst

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Roger Federer's Major titles record is in Rafael Nadal's mind: Analyst

In an interview, tennis commentator and analyst Jordi Arrese commented on Rafael Nadal's future and goals. Arrese believes that Nadal can play for three or five more years: "I see it (happening). I think that Rafa can have the best forehand on Tour, he has a very good backhand, he serves much better, hits slice, drops...

I think he has a margin to keep improving. Mentally it's where he may get to the top because he (took) an unbelievable step." Who will end up holding most Majors? "I think it is quite evenly (balanced)... I think Federer will win one more, but there is an age problem and Djokovic and Rafa can win several more.

On clay Rafa is the best and when he is injury-free and aggressive he can win more. Anyone can end up there. Federer is the favorite because he is the one who holds the most (Slams)." He finally criticized Garbine Muguruza: "Garbine has the level and potential to get back to where she was, but I believe she is losing a lot of opportunities by not being too focused on tennis.

With her potential, she should have improved on some aspects. Years go on, and other players come up. I see her with the same potential as three years ago, that's the problem. She uses social media too much. It's difficult to be (focused) on tennis 100% when you are involved in so many things.

I keep thinking she can be the world no. 1 and be there for a while, but she has to improve something. I did not see her improving in the last three years, on the defence, volley... She needs to be more focused on tennis. An athlete's life goes on pretty quickly. It's a pity she does not use her opportunities."