Featuring Roger Federer, 'ATP Halle to have best field in a while'

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Featuring Roger Federer, 'ATP Halle to have best field in a while'

In an interview, the Gerry Weber Open Tournament Director Ralf Weber commented on how the situation looks like in 2020 as the title sponsor will change. "The future of the tournament is guaranteed by my point of view", said Weber.

"There are a lot of co-sponsors. I do not get worried about ending up in trouble." He is excited about the tickets sale: "That's as higher as ever, and this is very important. We will look for new investors.

We may review it from 2020." The field has been very good so far. "Four top ten players will be there, Federer, Zverev, Thiem and Kei Nishikori. We have not been having such a good field for a long time", said Weber.

Speaking on Sky Sports the pundit Claude Harmon II made a comparison between Brooks and Roger Federer. Harmon II said: “He’s very much a creature of habit. He likes to do the same thing all the time. He tends to practise at the same, he tends to eat at the same time.

He’s very similar to Roger Federer and what his team would do at Wimbledon. It’s just trying to find out what works, and stick with it”. “The thing that helps Brooks perform best in the Majors is him.

Most of us lucky enough to be around him and be on his team are just part of the machine and us kind of know what works and doesn’t work, and what he likes and doesn’t like. Because there’s so much pressure in Major championships - they play a lot of practice rounds, there’s a lot of media - the goal is just to try to keep things low-key.

Brooks has a group of people that he likes to have around him, we kind of know the drill and keep things low-key."