Federer on wife Mirka: 'I can only thank her for what she has done for me'

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Federer on wife Mirka: 'I can only thank her for what she has done for me'

In an interview, Roger Federer commented on his relationship with his wife Mirka. They got married in April 2009 and they now share four children. "She started dating me when I had zero titles, so she has been part of almost every title", said the world No.

4. "She did not travel to every tournament I went in the beginning obviously because she was playing herself but what a great support she has been. She could help me out with the media because media started to grow and it was more and crazier and right at that moment, I won my first Wimbledon.

I can only thank for everything she has done for me." He also reflected on how he dealt with pressure and expectations: "In the beginning, you are trying to get used to the situation. You want to be the best possible that you can be and you hear one thing in the night and you say, Let me go get it.

Then you get a bit tired on the practice courts, so maybe I need to slow it down when I play tournaments. Now we have a good system going on, we also have some help which we need." On Andre Agassi admitting he took drugs during his career, Federer concluded: "The drug issue for me is partially disappointing because taking drugs is something we do not want in our sports at all but I do not think it was intended to help his sport. You have to separate that a little bit and also not to forget what a great champion he was."