Roger Federer: In the beginning, money was important for me

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Roger Federer: In the beginning, money was important for me

How important is money when it comes to determining Roger Federer's career? The Swiss answered this question in an interview "In the beginning, it was a little bit, honestly. I am not gonna lie about it. My dad said, If you will become a tennis professional, just sure you get into the top 100 because you have to make a little bit of money, you make a living so you can pay your coaching the travels.

It's an expensive sport but I got great support from the Swiss Tennis Federation. But then possibilities come around, the sponsors' deals, the media, the whole different world I did not know about before and I enjoy the business part of it.

Money is important but I have plenty and it's just important to enjoy the tour as much as I can, chase history," said Federer, who has earned over $600 million in prize money and from endorsements. He also reflected on the importance of the confidence: "It's important to be confident.

I do not know if that's cocky or arrogant, but you have to have a strong belief. The moment you start doubting yourself, you are probably gonna lose. It was hard for me to do that at the beginning, because I was always very humble and said, No no, the opponent is the favorite."

He also spoke about his concept of beauty: "The most success you have, the better looking you will get. In some ways, it's like this. It just feels nice but nothing more." Federer will play the Mutua Madrid Open next. He has already started training on clay in Switzerland with both his coaches, Ivan Ljubicic, and Severin Luthi.