It's difficult to criticize Federer, Rafael Nadal - Serena Williams's coach

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It's difficult to criticize Federer, Rafael Nadal - Serena Williams's coach

In an interview to Metro, Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou commented on why tennis should look funnier and more interesting. The Frenchman was on the headlines last year as he coached Serena Williams during her US Open final loss to Naomi Osaka.

Mouratoglou believes a change of rules would bring more entertainment. "Coaching on the court… look at what’s happening in other sports. It’s so exciting to watch", said Mouratoglou. "It brings the show, otherwise you have no show.

It’s very exciting. You don’t have interaction, you don’t get to learn the strategies for the guy who is watching. It’s so interesting the strategy, why do this, why do this? Then you have suddenly, in the final in Indian Wells (between Bianca Andreescu and Angelique Kerber).

The coach was great I think, he did an unbelievable job and the match suddenly completely switched." Mouratoglou believes players should show their emotions too: "I'm fed up with perfection. Nobody is perfect.

Don’t try to show something that is fake. People don’t like fake. You create fake.’ The issue, he believes, extends to the treatment of the players. Serena, it’s not true, she is criticised more than anyone.

But Federer, yes. If you criticise Federer or Nadal… it’s impossible to say something. Okay, they’re perfect, fantastic. And? They’re sports icons, they’re the best players of all time. It’s difficult to criticise them, they’re perfect. Nobody is perfect."