Roger Federer: As a kid I was hitting with a wooden racket against the wall

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Roger Federer: As a kid I was hitting with a wooden racket against the wall

Roger Federer recalled his beginnings in tennis. The Swiss player said: "I remember going to the tennis club with my parents, we used to go there with all our friends and I was hitting with a wooden racket for hours playing with white tennis balls instead of the white ones we have today.

Those are my memories when I was coming up as a tennis player. It's important to remember that I started or re-started tennis as a game even though that's what it becomes eventually with all these things of media and photo shoots.

What I wanted to do is to have fun and keep it a game and so the experience has been amazing. I was very fortunate to have that mindset and to have that pleasure being in the tennis court for so long." Federer also spoke about his hectic life on the tennis tour: "I never pictured it to be like this when I was in my living room seeing my heroes Becker and Edberg lifting up Wimbledon trophies, I never thought I was gonna do two hours of press after a two-hour match, that was not part of my ideal but that's what tennis requires in some ways and we are very thankful that sponsors are there, and the travelling, that can really get to you as well as the media.

But I see it in a good way, I try to see to help the game grow, I do not know, the role of an ambassador and it's been working quite well for me. I tried to see the media not as bad people but that's how I saw in the beginning.

I always thought, Okay they are here to just mess things up. I changed my opinion and that's why I think we coexist really well together."