Roger Federer would have won five, six French Opens without Nadal - Thiem

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Roger Federer would have won five, six French Opens without Nadal - Thiem

Dominic Thiem shared an interesting opinion on Roger Federer's clay-court career. The Austrian player said: "I think that Federer would have won five or six French Opens if Nadal was not there. I know that he is practising, Federer is the greatest in history, he can win anything without surprising, although on clay for him it may be tougher than elsewhere."

On Nadal, the 25-year-old added: "I do not think that in the future there will be a player who can get closer to Nadal's achievements. I hope to pick his legacy but equalling him would not be realistic. I hope that younger players will grow up on the surface.

Last year I played my maiden Grand Slam final at the French Open, I definitely hope to get another chance and get a different result." Thiem approaches the Monte Carlo Masters being confident: "This is the surface I grew up on, so I feel a close connection with it.

When I come back on clay I feel like home, and here the conditions in Monte Carlo are slower like in Austria." Karen Khachanov said: "Even if Rafa is older and he is coming from an injury, he is the toughest one.

He was born on clay. I hope this tournament is more open than the last ones he won over the years dominating. But sooner or later there will be the changing of the guard." In an interview, Federer commented on what his future looks like once he retires from the professional game.

The Swiss player said: "Tennis, there is maybe something for me as well. I do not see myself as a coach or commentator yet, but you never know where it takes you. I am excited about what's to come."