Roger Federer is unique and elegant, says Boris Becker

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Roger Federer is unique and elegant, says Boris Becker

In an interview to LeJDD, the six-time Major winner Boris Becker praised Roger Federer's legacy and talent in tennis. "Federer is a unique athlete, he is just enormous, he is so elegant and everything seems easy for him", said Becker.

He also recalled his years as a coach: "I had a good experience with Novak and I like to recall it. But I would also like to continue my activity on TV. Making the two things coincide seems possible to me. Tennis is my world and I always want to be part of it.

Many players asked me. I spoke with them but we have to find the right time. For them, not for me. Sometimes, people want to speak only about the next match. I am no longer engaged with anyone, so it's a pleasure for me to share my views.

But I will not give you a name." Is there a Frenchman that he would like to coach? "I was always fascinated by Tsonga and Monfils. I also like Gasquet and Simon, but those two have something more, the X factor. They had a good career but we can still ask ourselves why they have not won a Grand Slam.

I thought that they were talented enough to win one. Asked how he would react if his children told him they want to become tennis professionals, Federer replied: "I would support them regardless. It's a good thing to play sports, it's a healthy lifestyle and you meet other great friends.

It's good from an early age to handle the winning, the losing, to have a bit of a drive wanting to be better than someone else but at the same time, you are gonna be beaten as well. Just to learn those experiences is a good thing, that's why sports are great. I think tennis is a great sport, very fair play, so I'd be very supportive of that."