Rafael Nadal: 'Roger Federer and I are very different'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Roger Federer and I are very different'

In an interview with Movistar, Rafael Nadal was asked if he has friends in tennis. The Spaniard said: "The concept of the friend for me is very meaningful and it's something powerful. For example, with Roger Federer, we have the rivalry and our life routines are very different.

I would tell you I do not have friends, but very good mates. I play cards a lot and I try doing it between warm-up and the match. It helps me disconnecting and that's important because it allows me to spend enjoyable moments with my team and not checking the mobile phone all the time, disconnected by the world."

Nadal recalled his childhood days. "As a kid, I was playing with two backhands, I was hitting double-handed on both sides. I took a decision at 10-11 years, and hitting in a natural way with lefty came naturally. I am right in everything but for tennis and football.

At 8 years they once gave me 12 footballs. At the time my obsession was to train with my uncles and friends. I have to admit that I liked football more than tennis." Asked if luck plays a role in tennis, Nadal replied: "I do not believe in luck in tennis.

A tennis match cannot depend on luck. In the end, it's always about who works the most, who is the most prepared, so it's not luck. I never think on the court that the other was lucky and I was not. I just focus on solving issues that come up."

Does he feel afraid? "I would say not. Sometimes I could not dominate nerves, and having uncontrolled nerves in a sport is something that gets closer to the fear." Asked why playing sleeveless is better for him, Nadal replied: "When you hit the forehand, my arm touches my arm."