Roger Federer, Pete Sampras... everyone makes mistakes - Toni Nadal

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Roger Federer, Pete Sampras... everyone makes mistakes - Toni Nadal

In an interview, Toni Nadal shared his thoughts on the concept of a mistake. Rafael's uncle said: "Making mistakes is normal. Pete Sampras, Roger Federer made mistakes, and it's normal that you will do the same. If you do not make mistakes it's much better, but that's part of the game and I always wanted a player to know why he was making mistakes.

Why did you make a mistake? If you do not know that, you do not know how to improve." On how to approach a match, Toni added: "I always told Rafael, before a match, to show a good face. Because otherwise doing things well having a bad face is difficult.

Your opponent notes it and he takes confidence. This is what I always told Carlos Costa or Francis Roig all these years from the players' box because I often say that." He added: "In the Academy, they asked me to write some sentences in order to motivate kids and one of the things I wrote that an excuse never made us win a match.

We can find a justification of any type but that's useless because in life you have to accept mistakes and fix them. A player needs to take his responsibilities." On his recent injuries, Nadal said: "The last 18 months have been tough for me.

It's difficult to say where I am because I had a lot of setbacks, ups and down. It's a daily work, trying to improve a bit during every training session like in every comeback. I think my knees are doing pretty well. Now I have to work on my tennis, that's the goal."