Roger Federer reveals the only regret about his career

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Roger Federer reveals the only regret about his career

In an interview, Roger Federer was asked about his biggest achievement in career. The Swiss player said: "Maybe is winning Wimbledon in 2003 and then becoming world No. 1 at the beginning of 2004. It was like the ultimate achievement for me and that's where it all started."

Federer also spoke about his longevity: "It's not just talent, it's hard work. I enjoy winning, I enjoy playing, maybe I do not show that but I have that feeling." He finally recalled his 2009 Wimbledon final win to Andy Roddick: "I know how hard he tried and how tough it can be.

Unfortunately, you cannot have it all." Federer also recalled his former coach Peter Carter's death: "For me, it was a very important figure. He was my coach when I was ten years old till about 14 and then from 16 again to 19.

He was like a big brother, a father. His death shocked me, waked me up and maybe showed me how fortunate I am to be a tennis player. This is where my career turned into the winning drive and I said, Okay, I will make Peter proud."

Asked about regret in his career, Federer replied: "I wish I could realize my potential some years earlier, work hard earlier, understand that I was trying to achieve was possible but later on it helped me. I got the anger, sadness and pressure away from me early from 16 to 22 and it made me the player I am today."