Boris Becker shares why Roger Federer cannot be the greatest ever

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Boris Becker shares why Roger Federer cannot be the greatest ever

Is Roger Federer the best player ever? The six-time Major winner Boris Becker cannot really take a choice. "It's very difficult to say, you cannot compare generations. Was he better than myself, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras, he won most Grand Slam but I have a hard time saying he is the best ever", said Becker.

Would Federer have struggled facing Becker on a tennis court? "I do not think he likes my pace, the fact that I often come forward even on my second serve, not giving him much time to start his trademark forehand and backhand crosscourt.

The more time we give to a player, the better he becomes." On the many hours of travel that tennis players go through every year, Becker concluded: "Travelling the world may be fun at 18 or 22 years but when you start your own family and you get older, you have kids, nursery and eventually school, it's very difficult to be away for such a long time and it usually happens a crisis in your marriage.

I have done that too. Being a tennis player is a wonderful job, every talented boy should try to become professional but there is a bad and good side. However, it made me the way I am today so I am very thankful but a lot of players do not make it.

They struggle, they stop at 24-25, they cannot pay the bills, if you are not as good you have to get another profession or go back to school, get a degree, get involved in other walks of Life. It's great talking about it once you have made it but there are a thousand ones who did not make it and I like to remind that."

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