Boris Becker: 'I love Nadal and Djokovic, but Roger Federer is my favorite'

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Boris Becker: 'I love Nadal and Djokovic, but Roger Federer is my favorite'

In an interview, the six-time Major winner Boris Becker recalled some of the major moments in his career. "Obviously the expectations were sky high after winning Wimbledon at 17, they thought for the next ten years I would break all the records and rule tennis.

That is obviously much easier to be said than done and I have won a couple other and I did become a number one in the world but it was not a walk in the park and then when you lose when you do not meet your own expectations critics quickly jump out of the bushes.

That's part of being a professional sportsman. You do the best you can and in a moment of perfection it does look easy that seems easy but it's a lot of hard work, a lot of discipline, all the hours you spend on the practice court that are not televised.

Those Champions win the big Championships but obviously when they are in that it's just a model of perfection, a beauty, I did the best I could, I always wanted to have a lot successful career, win every Tournament you can but that's impossible.

I always wanted to become the best I can in my profession as long as I played." Becker praised Roger Federer. The German said: "I truly respect Roger Federer, he is a true ambassador of the game for such a long time.

I love Nadal and Djokovic, but my favourite is Federer because of the way he plays, of the way he serves, he comes to the net, he plays slice backhand, he has a variety of tennis that most kids should emulate and I feel like he is carrying the burden of being an ambassador of being the best player of all time in a perfect manner and I love that."