Roger Federer trains with Miomir Kecmanovic in Switzerland

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Roger Federer trains with Miomir Kecmanovic in Switzerland

Roger Federer hit with the Serbian player Miomir Kecmanovic on hard courts in Switzerland on Thursday. Kecmanovic, a 19-year-old, lost to Elias Ymer in straight sets, 6-1 6-3, in the Monte Carlo Masters first round qualies and he flew to Lenzerheide to have some training session with the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

In Indian Wells last month Kecmanovic reached the quarter-finals losing to Milos Raonic. On his progresses, Kecmanovic recently commented: "I worked. I worked a lot. And that was -- I mean, I think you have to be, you know, at this level.

You can't really be -- I mean, you can, there are some players, but then you have to have amazing speed, agility and stuff. But, you know, genetically I'm built like this, a little bit bigger, so it wasn't that difficult for me to get a little bit more.

But, yeah, it works for me. You know, I did a lot of work and then, you know, thankfully it's paying off now." Asked if he believes luck played a role in his career, Kecmanovic replied: "I think there's part of it, you know.

Definitely not the whole thing. You know, there's a lot of the stuff that has to come together. But I think, you know, you have to have a little bit at some points in life." Kecmanovic usually trains at the IMG Academy: "I started when I was 13.

That's when I first came here. And it happened I played a tournament in Moscow, under 14. And that's when they saw me and they, you know, signed me and asked me to come over."