Roger Federer is too fair on court, says Rios

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Roger Federer is too fair on court, says Rios

The former world No. 1 Marcelo Rios believes that Roger Federer is too fair on the court. In an interview the Chilean said: "I love Federer, he is the best ever I think. He is a great guy. But on court he is like a woman, he does not make a mistake.

He is super correct. I loved Goran Ivanisevic, he threw the racket. He said, I am from Croatia, if I lose I do not know who my opponent is. Tennis became too correct." On the new Davis Cup format, Rios added: "I think that it will be good.

My doubt is that during that week, what will the surface be if it's in Spain or France. How will you pick it? That's a pretty serious problem. The hoster picks the surface, like all of us know. What do we do? But if the best players compete there, that's okay.

And prize money increased too." Rios furthermore praised the Basel native concluding: 'I see players like (Alexander) Zverev and other young guys who will get the lead in any moment. (Rafael) Nadal is a monster, but he is not the same, Novak Djokovic is coming back, any moment Federer retires the younger guys will step ahead.

I think they will make a lot of history, but I do not think they will get to Federer's level. No one like Federer will be there." Federer is training in Switzerland on clay courts with his coaches Severin Luthi and Ivan Ljubicic, they will go to the Madrid Open in early May.