Magnus Norman shares how Roger Federer's coach helped him with Wawrinka

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Magnus Norman shares how Roger Federer's coach helped him with Wawrinka

In a recent interview, Stan Wawrinka's coach Magnus Norman shared how Roger Federer's coach Severin Luthi helped him to start his co-operation with the Lausanne native back in April 2013. Luthi has been the Switzerland's Davis Cup team captain for more than a decade and so he has been knowing Wawrinka more and for a longer time.

"He attended a lot of our practice sessions, he told me how he reacts to a certain situation. He clearly helped to grow even faster", Norman said on Luthi. Asked to draw comparisons and differences between his co-operation with Soderling and Wawrinka, Norman replied: "What I see is that both of them made a step forward with me.

But the two experiences are totally different. Because Robin and Stan are never the same. As a coach, you cannot react in the same way with one and the other. Of course, I have my way to work, but I also understand the player's personality, his sensitivity, picking what direction to take."

Looking back at his path in the professional tennis, Norman concluded: "I have enormous regrets for my career. I would like to have an opportunity to win a big tournament again, but my hip was definitely too fragile."

Norman studied marketing for a couple of years after his retirement from the professional tour but then he switched to coaching. "Because I felt I still had a role in this environment." Wawrinka will play his next tournament in the next month's Madrid Open.