Pundit shares perfect tactic for Roger Federer to play in the French Open

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Pundit shares perfect tactic for Roger Federer to play in the French Open

In an interview to KeyStone SDA, the pundit Heinz Gunthardt commented on Roger Federer's chances in the French Open. Switzerland's Fed Cup team captain said: "It's going to be very interesting. It also depends on the circumstances, clay can be very different.

If it rains in Paris, the place can be very slow. There can then be holes, the ball is no longer 100 per cent perfect and it will be much harder to hit the ball early. Then Federer would have to play further back, then I do not see it that way.

But if it stays dry and hot, centre court at Roland Garros can be like a hard court with a bit of clay on it. Then it may be that he hardly has to change his game and absolutely has opportunities. In Paris, there is just one person who stands above all others, and that's Rafael Nadal.

If he is fit and plays his best tennis, then he is unbeatable on clay”. In an interviw to La Tercera, the former player Fernando Gonzalez commented on what makes Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal so great and different from the others.

"The complicated thing is that they always come up with something new. For example, if it was windy, they played in a certain way. If it's quicker, in another. If it's slower, it hurts you too. Nadal is more predictable.

Federer was not. All of a sudden he could be but he did so well." "It was intimidating when they mentioned the Roger Federer name and then all that he won. He already had 12 titles and they only mentioned titles. People were laughing.

His achievements list was impressive. I faced Federer and Nadal on clay and grass, the two surfaces where they won a lot. And I do not know what's the toughest. But Nadal on clay is the most tiring one. He makes you run for hours and it makes you feel dead. Federer does not affect you the way Nadal does. He can make you run for six hours."