Roger Federer made me uncomfortable in 2007 Australian Open final -Gonzalez

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Roger Federer made me uncomfortable in 2007 Australian Open final -Gonzalez

In an interview to La Tercera, the former player Fernando Gonzalez recalled his 2007 Australian Open straight-set loss to Roger Federer. "Federer started making me uncomfortable on both sides in the key moments. That's where you set a difference.

Prior to the tournament, I played an exhibition in the Kooyong Classic. I did not want to show how well I was playing. I always tried to use a lot of variety on my serves. When I defeated Nadal, I told myself- "Wow! How well I played.

He was the world No. 2, but in any other era, he could have been the first. I knew what I had to do. I had a gamestyle that did not depend on my opponent. I liked more playing with one or the other, but I had to go for my shots especially with my forehand that was hurting my opponents a lot.

In other moments I was anxious and I had a lot of nerves like against James Blake before playing the Beijing Olympic Games semifinals. Against Nadal in that tournament too. I was very nervous. But in that final, I was pretty calm.

I always believed that when I would play a final in a big tournament, I would be much more nervous. I served for the first set. I had two sets point. After that, Federer started dominating me and he was a deserved winner. If I dreamed the Australian Open final after that? Not really.

I never dreamed that match, but to win Wimbledon several times yes. Australia was a tremendous tournament, I was not there only in the most important match. But I got to play my best tennis without a doubt."