Roger Federer may be the only perfect thing in tennis, says Zverev

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Roger Federer may be the only perfect thing in tennis, says Zverev

In a recent interview, Alexander Zverev praised his childhood idol, Roger Federer. The Swiss often gives the German pieces of advice. In an interview, Zverev said: "Nothing is nothing perfect in the tennis. Except maybe when we talk about Roger.

You can tell that he is perfect”. Analyzing his disappointing season so far, the Hamburg native added: “This year I played only two events healthily: Australian Open and Acapulco. In Indian Wells, I was doing bad and in Miami, I had healed but I had not trained a lot and I had not recovered well.

I could not play well. People doubted of me in the past too. The past year they were asking me the same questions: ‘Why did you start the season so bad?’ Then you see what happened. It’s funny because I’m 21 years old and I’ve been on Tour for basically five years now.

I don’t like to say I’m better or everything like this. I mean obviously, my ranking says it and I’ve won bigger titles, but everybody has their own way. I’ve played more tournaments than them. I’ve been on Tour longer, but in a few years’ time, nobody will remember that I was there quicker.

I think those guys are great and I wish them nothing but the best. I think the new generation of tennis will be in good hands”.