'Federer suffers seeing Nadal having just two Majors less than him'

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'Federer suffers seeing Nadal having just two Majors less than him'

In an interview to La Montagne, the French journalist Thomas Sotto spoke about his book on the 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer. "I contacted his agent who told me that Roger did not help any of the books on him because he would write his biography when the right comes.

I knew his parents would not see this book with a bad eye. He even told Arnaud Boetsch he thought I was his greatest fan. And then speaking with the people who had the chance to get closer to the player, I understood that everybody wanted to speak of it.

I feel I met Roger Federer more through other people's eyes than if he chatted with me. One day I saw Federer having a launch and I understood he knew the whole story. He was entertained by it. He decided to give me an interview and he was easy as you could imagine him.

He was alone without agents. It's a fan book. But it's also an interesting book. I did not want to write: "Roger is nice, is smart" What interested me was to learn things. Federer has so many emotions, he feels unsatisfaction for the game and I think he sleeps badly since after winning his 12th French Rafael Nadal has two Majors less than him.

We are still living in a blessed time: the Federer-Nadal rivalry. Federer is one of the best clay-courters but on this surface, he faced a master. Roger was not planned to become a champion like instead, the Williams sisters could be. A person who I mention in my book says: "He was a dirt diamond"