Roger Federer is the best player ever, says Bjorn Borg


Roger Federer is the best player ever, says Bjorn Borg

In a recent interview, the 11-time Grand Slam winner Bjorn Borg praised Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Swede was the Team Europe captain both in the 2017 and 2018 Laver Cup and he coached them. "I love their rivalry and different gamestyles.

It remembers me the ones of the clashes with John McEnroe or Sampras and Agassi. Federer and Nadal motivate each other. That's why their matches are always great. For tennis, it's important that this kind of rivalry is there. I have to say that Roger Federer is the best player ever in tennis history", said Borg.

On how tennis evolved over the decades, he added: "Everything changed: the rackets, prize money, environment. But the main change is about strings, that now make you hit unbelievable topspin balls. Apart from this, tennis became a strength game: players are serving stronger.

However, in terms of resistance, the effort is the same as our time." Asked if he is still in contact with John McEnroe, Borg replied: "Of course! He is probably the one who is the closest to me. But I also see other friends of my time like Yannick Noah or Mansour Bahrami.

A decade ago we went together to holidays during Christmas in Mauritius with our families." On his experiences at the Laver Cup, the legend concluded: "In Prague, and then we went to Chicago, it was the same thing. Two very close matches.

Maybe on the paper, Team Europe has better players, but it's being played indoors, and Team World has big players, big serves, so anything can happen. It was another close match."

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