Roger Federer reveals what are the toughest things for him as a player


Roger Federer reveals what are the toughest things for him as a player

What is the secret of Roger Federer's unbelievable longevity? In a recent interview, the Swiss player said: "The motivation needs to come from others too. Your camp is the key. My family allows me to be younger all the time. The toughest thing is to pack your bags, deal with the time zone difference...

once you leave your home, there is always some sadness. I think that handling your private and professional schedule is the key and my tennis allowed me to keep the love for this sport and staying fit. My six-month break in 2016 was seen by me as a second chance.

I did not want to waste that. When I won all the time people thought I was a machine and then I lost a bit more than usual in the following years." On how the idea of creating the Laver Cup came to him, Federer added: "I thought for a long time that we should have done more for the legends of our game.

The Laver Cup is past, present and future. Younger players can spend their time with the best guys and the older legends can give their knowledge. I always had great respect for the history of the game: Tony Godsick, my agent, is a crazy golfer, and he thought of taking inspiration from the Ryder Cup which is a great event.

Rod Laver was then asked if he agreed with it in giving his name." Could we see Federer becoming a coach in future? "To motivate younger guys in Switzerland, playing a bit with them, giving advice to coaches, yeah, no problem.

Continuing to travel on the tour after so many years, however, it's difficult to imagine. But it was the same with Stefan Edberg, I think he would have never thought he'd be back on tour 15 years after his retirement... In the beginning, I see myself in business, Foundation, with my family, in Switzerland. Somehow in tennis too but I do not exactly know how."

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