Roger Federer delivers all the shots in an amazing way, says Agassi

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Roger Federer delivers all the shots in an amazing way, says Agassi

The eight-time Grand Slam winner Andre Agassi was asked if there is one player similar to him nowadays on the tour. In an interview with Tribune de Geneve, the former world No. 1 said: "Every athlete brings something when he gets into his sport.

When I came on Tour, there were guys who had a great forehand like Ivan Lendl and others who had a big serve like Boris Becker. I mean, a big shot as a main weapon. I was good and aggressive on both sides, I took the ball very early.

And now everything does it! Federer has all the shots in his game delivering them in an amazing way. Then Nadal came, with an unbelievable body, who changed the tennis code. So when we look at today's tennis, it's so different that it's difficult to find someone who is similar to me.

Maybe Djokovic who thinks the way I thought. He knows how to take time away to his opponents, he may be the best defensive player in the world for me. He knows how to lead the rallies, with direction, room and focus. But it's different than 'playing like me'"

On his retirement from tennis in 2006, Agassi added: "That was a tough time for me. I wanted to stay involved in the sport but it's not that easy. I have many goals to reach, affairs to face. I try ways to stay there like today with Longines that follows a lot of tennis and makes me continue to be in contact.

Seeing, speak, playing tennis is still important for me. I play for some time, to feel the nostalgia. I am trying to do it enough to enjoy it and hopefully I will do it even more often."