Coach shares secrets behind Dominic Thiem's win over Federer on grass

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Coach shares secrets behind Dominic Thiem's win over Federer on grass

In a recent interview, the former coach of Dominic Thiem, Gunter Bresnik, commented on the Austrian player's high potential. Bresnik said: "Once he gets fit and so he is doing well physically, he can do very well as he did in Indian Wells.

He played the best tennis in his life the past autumn. With his win in St. Petersburg and the US Open quarter-finals against Rafael Nadal. He has not won that match, but it was probably the best one I ever saw of his. This year I think Dominic is stronger because he has a lot of experience there and everything turns much more natural.

He is not afraid." Bresnik believes Thiem can be very competitive on different surfaces than clay too: "He definitely has to defend most of the points on clay. But if you reach the French Open semifinals thrice in a row, you are one of the best clay-courters.

Although his game gets fit to hard courts best. His return improved and his game allows him to compete against any opponent. That's why he has already won a grass tournament beating Federer. He is a player who can hit very hard on any surface thank to his technical skills.

He does it, but sometimes I am surprised that he does not get even better results on hard." Thiem defeated Daniil Medvedev in the Barcelona Open final. On the Russian's week, his coach Igor Andreev said: "With every match, he played on clay the confidence grows and he sees himself able to do good things.

You have to be at 100 per cent in every match, that's not up to the opponent but on you the whole match. The work he did is starting to pay off. Daniil is among that group of younger guys who have chances to win big titles in the next years.

The results speak for himself. He can play well on all the surfaces and it sets a basic to achieve good results in all the places against players who have different game styles. That's what he has on his mind but you have to keep working.

Looking at how things have been going now, he can set as a goal to reach the ATP Finals, but the most important thing is that he keeps growing as a player on all the aspects. If everything goes on this way, he has chances to reach the ATP Finals. You have a lot of very good players and tennis is very interesting for everyone at a very high level."