Roger Federer always cares about his own interests, says Medvedev

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Roger Federer always cares about his own interests, says Medvedev

In March in Indian Wells, the topic surrounding Chris Kermode leaving the ATP Presidency was on the headlines. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal met each other in the Swiss player's house in Indian Wells while Djokovic, the ATP Player's Council president, had no time to speak about it with the Swiss.

In an interview with Eurosport, Daniil Medvedev shared an interesting view. "Djokovic gets worried about it. Nadal - I do not know, but Federer always cares about his own interests, which is also normal. That's why he is where he is.

If he cared for someone else, he would not have won 20 Grand Slam titles. Djokovic thinks about tennis, about the top 100 players so that they could earn more money. But I tell that without facts", said Medvedev. On Djokovic apparently pushing for the ATP President Chris Kermode to leave the Board, he added: "It may be true.

There is a player's council. As much as I know, tournaments voted to Chris stay. I only knew Chris in life, he seemed a very hard guy, but I never understood how he really was. That's why the players' council is needed, and Rafa and Federer are not included there.

They can only speak, but per rules, Djokovic or someone else of the council can turn their opinion around. They do not get to a solution." Asked what he brought with his first prize money, Medvedev replied: "Since it was difficult for my parents when I was playing Futures, I wanted to help them.

And I usually went to a shop and I was like: "Wow! Those are €300 jeans, how beautiful they are" But I could not buy them. But I once went to Philipp Plein in London and I spent £10,000. It was just after 2017 Wimbledon, where I beat Stan Wawrinka and I got much money."