Fitness trainer reveals secret of Roger Federer's longevity

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Fitness trainer reveals secret of Roger Federer's longevity

Is Roger Federer's body in danger on clay? In an interview to Blick, the Swiss player's fitness trainer Pierre Paganini said: "He was rarely injured over his career and not more often on a certain surface. He needs to be active and have reflexes.

Luckily, this is one of Roger's underestimated qualities. The way he adapts is fascinating. If I use variety in training, he will find a way to do well over a few minutes. He is smart and much more strategic than what you may think.

When Roger plays, we all are happy and at the same time nervous so that everything goes well. Working with him, we also know what happens behind the scenes. We understand straight forward if he is having a great or tough day.

And we behave accordingly." How can you see he is having a bad day? "I am privileged to have been knowing him since he was 14 years old and working with him for 19 years, you can understand a lot already looking at his eyes.

But he speaks to you and gives you very professional information. He feels comfortable and I often see him releasing interviews after the practice sessions on the tennis court even if he tired. Then he switches to fitness training and he is no longer tired.

That means he finds energy from the conversations. That's one of the reasons why his career has been lasting for such a long time. He always takes a positive from every situation", he concluded.