Roger Federer works hard on his game. We are similar - Henin

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Roger Federer works hard on his game. We are similar - Henin

In an interview, the former Belgian player Justine Henin commented on Martina Navratilova saying she is the female Roger Federer. Henin said: "It is a huge compliment. I admire a lot Martina, she also said that from my generation I was the one who worked hard a lot.

Roger is also someone who works hard on his game. On this way we are quite similar. l still think that the level of tennis keeps improving. The matches that are being played are very good. The players are playing with intensity. I saw Simona Halep's game in the Fed Cup against Caroline Garcia and we could see the players experimenting.

So I am not really worried about the future. Sometimes things change but the change can also be positive. There is a change in the mentality of the girls. They aren't worried if they haven't played on the circuit for a while and are confident of coming back on the court and win.

What I regret is that kids need players who they can identify themselves to. They need examples and for that you need players who remain at the top all the time." Asked if she sees herself becoming a coach, Henin replied: "Coaching a top player is not an option for me now.

To coach a top player, you have to be on the Tour for 30-35 weeks at a stretch and that I feel is troublesome. I am happy to be home with my kids."