Roger Federer closed doors to younger players years ago - Insider

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Roger Federer closed doors to younger players years ago - Insider

The Rome Open Tournament Director Sergio Palmieri believes that it's a great time for tennis as the younger and older players face each other. "There are many Italian young guys but also very important abroad players, because that's a transition time where stars who have dominated over the last 10 or 12 years are dropping their level.

So now younger guys have more chances to come up than the players who were younger seven or six years ago. It's an extremely good time in general, but we are lucky to have strong young guys who have showed to have a level to improve even more.

It's clear that players like Roger Federer closed doors for all the younger guys dated back to some years ago", said in an interview to SportFace Palmieri, who added: "Every year has a history itself. The elements are the same, but the product changes.

It depends a lot on the players, because in a tournament that features so many matches always something sudden happens. The tournament can have a very big interest." Palmieri is satisfied with the Rome Open pre-tickets sale: "We are making more money and more people come to the event, there are still tickets left for the Central Court which did not happen in the past.

That means the crowd is evolving and doesn't just want to see the final rounds and the big champions, but they are getting more passionate about the tournament and all the matches on the secondary courts. This is the result of the many great results Italians have been getting.