Coach shares how climate can influence Roger Federer's French Open run

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Coach shares how climate can influence Roger Federer's French Open run

In an interview to Sky Sport, the Italian coach Riccardo Piatti commented on how Roger Federer can perform on clay in the next weeks. "Clay depends a lot on the climate', said Piatti. "Madrid is clearly easier for him because if it rains it's indoor and it doesn't change a lot for him.

The French Open will be a bigger problem because it's best of five and the climate can play a role. If it's rainy, balls are heavier and Federer needs to make a bigger effort physically. But Roger is the king of tennis, he is able to do everything, he is able to play from all the angles and in any situation, so everyone expects to see him, everyone wants to see him.

People are interested to see him on clay, which is an interesting thing for us coaches as well. We will have to see how he will face the challenges clay will give him." The former world No. 12 Paolo Bertolucci shared how the climate conditions can influence the court speed: "Monte Carlo is the first tournament of the clay season, weather is not that good and it's a bit lower.

Rome improved than the previous years, it's definitely faster than before but there is a huge difference between playing at 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM, where it's very humid. It's almost another sport. In Madrid, there is the altitude, and so Roger goes to Madrid.

Then hopefully things do not go so well in Madrid and he comes to Rome but there are not so many chances. Federer will have to shorten rallies as most as possible so he will have to hit a high first serve percentage. Then it depends on what player you face.

If your opponent hits very deep and consistent balls, the risk of closing a point over four or five shots becomes too high."