Coach Ivan Ljubicic shares why Roger Federer can play well on clay

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Coach Ivan Ljubicic shares why Roger Federer can play well on clay

Since Ivan Ljubicic has become Roger Federer's coach in 2015, his interviews about the co-operation with the Swiss have been a very few, but Sky Sport journalist Stefano Meloccaro managed to speak with the former world No.

3 behind the scenes during the Monte Carlo Masters. Meloccaro revealed the private conversation he had with Ljubicic, with who he worked between 2013 and 2015 on Sky TV. "Ivan told me: 'Roger is training well, I think we will enjoy ourselves because on clay Roger has a bit more time and he can decide what he wants to do'"

Also the Borna Coric's coach Riccardo Piatti is confident about the Federer's chances. Piatti recalled the Basel native's beginnings on the surface. "He won his third career-title in Hamburg on clay, which used to take place a week prior to the French Open, in difficult game conditions.

On clay moving well is very important, you need to have a right balance between defence and offence and on this aspect Roger is a master. Ivan is right in saying that we can enjoy. Roger thinks that in order to play tennis you have to play on clay.

I think that being patient, he can play a good tennis." On Rome Open courts development, Palmieri added: "The most important news is the Grandstand, which is our No. 2 as the Pietrangeli is off competition. We have one of the most important Grandstands in the world, it's perfect for its environment, people will watch matches in the best possible way. We have to add value to it and we will try to schedule high-level matches. That's my job."