It's not easy to find a place between Federer, Nadal, Djokovic - Henin

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It's not easy to find a place between Federer, Nadal, Djokovic - Henin

In an interview the former Belgian player Justine Henin commented on how tennis will look like once Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will have retired from the professional tour. "It is not easy to find a place behind them!

It’s a new generation. We have to accept that", admitted Henin. "It’s different. Halep could be one of the girls. Osaka has been doing well. Muguruza, but now she is not winning anything. Kerber, she won little bit, but then on and off.

You don’t have girls who can stay there." Henin also compared her gamestyle dated back to her playing days to the French Open defending champion Simona Halep's: "Her game is a bit similar to mine. You can see she is a hard worker also.

I know she is a big fan of me, so maybe she looked at what I did also. I was sure she will win a grand slam one day. She has the possibility to win more if she finds a little bit more consistency. I had the chance to see her play Fed Cup against France, I was commentating for TV two weeks ago.

I am really interested to see her defend her first grand slam title (French Open). When you look from the beginning of the season, she has been the one who has been the most consistent. I see myself in her, in the patience she has, and also the capacity she has in the defence.

Because I wasn’t a pure attacking player, I was a more contact player. Physically there are players who put me under pressure. My tactic was to really be good in defence, to defend for 3-4-5 shots, and finally when I got the opportunity I changed the rhythm."