Roger Federer: 'Nobody knocked on my door for thoughts on Justin Gimelstob'

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Roger Federer: 'Nobody knocked on my door for thoughts on Justin Gimelstob'

Stan Wawrinka shared his thoughts on Justin Gimelstob leaving the ATP Board first through social media channels and then in a letter sent to The Times. Roger Federer would not have the same approach as his compatriot. In a press conference, the Swiss said: "I'm not going to come out on social media and all of a sudden comment on stuff, you know.

And I was not in the press. If I would have been at an event, you could ask asked me. But I was home. Nobody knocked on my door. Then I would have given my comment. But I'm not going to come out on social media and start commenting about it.

Sometimes there is also a process. Sometimes also -- when I usually do it is behind closed doors, not through the media. I know you guys will enjoy that a bit more sometimes, but I don't. So, and when you do ask me a question, I always try to really answer it truthfully and as openly as possible.

So, yeah, I could have spoken out, but I was not around, you know. And stuff could have been done differently in the past, you know. But again, this is in the past now and I'm sure mistakes were done whatever, you know, how big or whatever reason it was.

That's what I mention also we need to learn from what had happened, you know, and really move on in the good direction because it's an opportunity for sure." "It takes some time getting used to how to construct the points maybe a little bit more.

Because there is more baseline, there is a possibility to play with more angles and height, I guess, off a hard ball you can roll it and spin it and go loopy, whereas on a faster court you almost have to hit against it. It is hard to take pace off the ball.

So, from that standpoint, it's been interesting and fun. But not so challenging, to be honest. But then again, matches might be a completely different story because in the practice you can -- it is always okay to take chances and not get rewarded, you walk away from any and you're like, who cares? In the match, every point matters, so it will be interesting to see how as the tournament goes.

I have not high expectations in some ways, but at the same time, I also know that things are possible. I mean Madrid always plays fast with the altitude here, so intrigued to find out myself. But it's been good so far."